Our Story

Since 1974, our family has been Growing Good together by cooking together, challenging each other's dishes, and constantly experimenting and innovating.

We like to say we grew up good — in our family's pizza restaurants — truly a dream for any pizza lover. Now that we're older and wiser, we've dreamt up a new way to share that experience with others and make our favorite food even better for us. Thanks to our (not-so) secret ingredient, broccoli, our frozen Broccoli Crust Pizza is packed with nutrition, gluten-free , and knock-your-socks-off delicious. Our kid selves would be proud. We hope that it's your new favorite, and you join Spinato's in "growing good," together!

Savor the Flavor of Growing Good!

Try one of 6 different flavors or build your own.  The possibilities are endless.

Our Savory Sauces

Spinato's Marinara

A traditional favorite reinvented. Try our signature blend of tomatoes, fresh herbs, veggies, and spices. And see how a little splash of Burgundy Wine enhances flavors.


Spinato's Tomato Basil

Award-winning marinara with a kick of fresh basil. Liven up pastas, paninis, and pizzas or dip in with your own freshly cut veggies.

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Spinato's Vodka Cream

A decadent but smooth sauce made with heavy cream. Bring a bit of tasty indulgence to any dinner party or family gathering.